Cake Delivery Map

We often get asked by potential clients where we deliver our cakes or cupcakes. Our stock answer is generally anywhere within a 3 hour radius of Denville, NJ which includes all of New Jersey, New York City, parts of upstate New York, and parts of Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

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To help drive that point home, we’ve started to plot several of the different venues where we’ve delivered our cakes. We’ve highlighted some of our more popular cakes, like the Rachael Ray Cake Surprise Birthday Cake we delivered to New York City and the our popular Party Dress cake that we delivered to Fiddler Elbow’s Country Club in Bedminister. And if you are feeling really adventurous, you can zoom out west to find our latest Food Network Challenge Cake or our winning LegoLand cake from the TLC Cake Challenge in LegoLand, CA.

Simply click on any of the red markers to get more information including a photo of the cake and a link to the blog post with more photos and information.