A Cakewalk Way To Being Gluten-Free

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Gluten Free Cakes

Many individuals have to follow a gluten free diet due to Gluten-sensitive and/or Celiac disease (which is an autoimmune disorder). While others are going gluten free due to the growing popularity of its health benefits. Gluten is a group of proteins which are found in wheat, rye, and barley and even a small amount of gluten can cause symptoms for someone with Celiac Disease or who is gluten sensitive.

Here are some tips on living gluten free:

  • Reading labels. Some are obvious whereas some ingredients you need to look for are Hydrolyzed vegetable protein and malt.
  • Bread and pasta. Many places are now introducing gluten free pizza, pasta, bread, and other options. You can also create dishes around rice and potatoes which can be topped with so many options. Know your alternatives!
  • Breakfast options. Look for corn and rice cereals but again read those labels! Some of these cereals may contain malt.
  • Know your kitchen. If you share a kitchen with your family who are eating gluten be careful of cross contamination. Have a separate drawer of wooden spoons, spatulas, kitchen utensils and cutting boards to be sure you are not effected by cross contamination.

There are several foods that you are still able to enjoy that do not contain gluten such as fish, eggs, milk products, fruits and vegetables.

Owner and cake designer of Pink Cake Box, Anne Heap, has recently become gluten-free and understands the need for gluten free treats in today’s world. We at Pink Cake Box are seeing many who are looking to accommodate their gluten free guests or who themselves are gluten-free and want to enjoy a piece of cake on their special day. Although living gluten free can sometimes be a challenge it does not mean you need to suffer – especially when it come to such an important occasion such as your wedding day.

Looking for a bite-size gluten free treat? See our gluten free options at our retail store Pink Cake Box Boutique!

Take a look at some gluten free cakes that have been done for our clients:

Gluten Free Bull Dog Cake

Grooms Cake Gluten Free Bulldogs

This particular cake was created as a gluten free groom’s cake. The look was for the groom but made gluten free so the bride who has Celiac Disease can enjoy a piece of cake on her wedding day without making her entire wedding cake gluten free.

Baby Shower Duckie Cupcakes

Duckie Cupcakes

Half of these cupcakes were done gluten free to celebrate a baby shower. Rubber duckies sit atop a yellow frosting with blue suds, some with their tush in the air!

Luke’s First Birthday Gluten Free Cake

Red, White and Blue American Flag Cake

We created this vintage American cake for Anne’s longtime friend Luke’s birthday. Also doubles as a fun July 4th or Memorial Day themed cake!

Gluten Free Damask Wedding Cake

Red Anemone Topped Wedding Cake

We also create gluten free wedding cakes like this purple damask wedding cake! For some couples we’ve created smaller gluten free wedding cakes with a larger regular wedding cake as a backup option.

Check out some of our cakes that have been created gluten free in our gluten-free gallery.

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