Groom’s Bulldog Cake (2997)

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Bulldog Grooms Cake

Bulldog Groom’s Cake

We worked with Traci to create this surprise groom’s cake for her fiance Victor. Victor’s birthday was close to the wedding date, so we incorporated a Happy Birthday message for him on the dog’s bone. Congratulations to the couple!

We were thrilled to receive this message on Facebook after the wedding:

I ordered a bulldog grooms cake for my husband at our wedding. I am BEYOND satisfied with the final product! Pink Cake Box made a replica of our dog and it came out AMAZING! Every detail was on key to make the cake look life like. My husband loved it! Thank you so much for making such a MAGNIFICENT cake!

Here’s another Groom’s Bulldog cake!

Bulldog Groom's Cake

Bulldog Groom's Cake

Bulldog cake’s seem to be popular options for groom’s cakes at weddings. Panda, the name of this bulldog, sports a spiked collar and silver nametag. We delivered the cake to the Russian Tea Room in New York City.

Backsid of Bulldog Cake

Backsid of Bulldog Cake with spiked collar

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