Harlow’s 1st Birthday Giraffe Cake (2340)

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1st Birthday cake for Harlow

Smash cake with giraffe cookies and birthday cake

Edna reached out to us to help design a cake for her daughter’s first birthday princess giraffe themed party. We were fortunate to have worked with Edna for her baby shower nearly a year ago where we also created a giraffe themed baby shower cake! For this cake, Edna was inspired by a previous giraffe cake which we used as a source of inspiration to design her daughter’s cake.

Pink Polka Dot Giraffe Birthday Cake

Harlow’s First Birthday Giraffe Cake

The top tier of the cake is covered in hot pink fondant with polka dots in light pink. The top includes a sculpted princess giraffe wearing a silver crown with a bow and pearl necklace. A hot pink glittery “1” hangs from the necklace.

Princess giraffe

Princess giraffe with pearl necklace and pink “1”

The next tier is covered in light pink fondant and darker pink polka dots. A pink rope with a bow sits at the base of each tier. Flavors and filing included coconut with chocolate filling and our signature pink velvet with raspberry chambord filling.

Along with the cake, we included a smash cake for Harlow. A glittery “1” sits atop the round cake along with pink polka dots which were coordinated with the decorations on the main cake.

Giraffe & "1" Cookies

Harlow’s Birthday Cookies

Last, but certainly not least, we created coordinating giraffe and “1” cookies. The “1” cookies were decorated in hot pink fondant while the giraffe cookies were dressed with a hot pink crown on the head and a pearl necklace piped around its neck. All the cookies were wrapped in favor bags with a light pink ribbon.

Happy Birthday Harlow! We hope you enjoyed the cake!

After receiving our newsletter with Harlow’s birthday cake, Edna left us this wonderful email:

Thank you everyone for making Harlow’s birthday so special and perfect. Our guests loved the princess giraffe cake. The cake was gorgeous and delicious. The cookies added a final touch to our candy table and Harlow loved her smash cake. Thank you again everything was so beautiful and of course yummie.

Edna – we are so glad the cake was a success!

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